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The Vipassana Meditation Center is expanding

The teaching of Vipassana Meditation in the tradition of S.N. Goenka reaches over 2,500 students in Germany each year. Today on an average nearly twice as many people register for Vipassana courses as the Centre can accommodate.

The German Vipassana Association therefore is dedicated to

  1. extending the capacity from so far 100 to 150 students (this is the maximum approved by the authorities) and to
  2. improving the accommodation standards in order to facilitate the participation in courses for disabled people.

This requires

  • the construction of new accommodation buildings with a larger amount of private rooms
  • the construction of a larger mediation hall
  • the enlargement of the dining halls as well as
  • a new conception of the entire centre property

The standard of the accommodations and the conditions to learn Vipassana Meditation are going to be significantly improved by this development. Here the aim is 35 – 40% private rooms with an attached bathroom, so that also those students can attend a course for whom 10 days in a shared room is too much of an obstacle. Upon completion of the Centre development both the female as well as the male area will facilitate accommodation with wheelchair access.